Friday, April 30, 2010

Smart Phones

Smart phones are the most advanced phones that are out today. There are many ways that we can use them. It has a library built into it and other things too. The smart phones opened up a gate way to the newest inventions to come. This phone would take the place of libraries, game stores, and even phone companies.

This is the most talk about device now. The smart phones can be a real benefit to our schools. We as students can use this phone for our homework, tests, quizzes, and even classwork. We can use these new smart phones to finish our projects and different power points that we would have to finish. The smart phone was invented by black berry.

This phone is the revolution to the future. The smart phone should be allowed in the classrooms because it gives us the advantage in and out of the classrooms. The government should just allow it. The smart phones can can better our education. This is just the gateway to the future.

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