Friday, May 14, 2010

The reason why it is important to follow internet etiquette guidelines is because you need to learn how to keep viruses out of your computer system. You should learn the guidelines so that we can take off your computer or help someone else learn how to keep their computers free from spams and viruses. You can save money by learning internet etiquette. You would not have to spend money. Internet etiquette is the safest way to surf the internet without any spams or any pop ups.

Internet etiquette are the standards for proper behavior. The need for internet etiquette is very crucial in today's world. We have to many sick minded people that mess with little kids over the internet and this needs to stop. That is why internet etiquette is an essential need for today's society. Internet etiquette is a need that needs to be meet very fast.

Internet etiquette can stop half of the murders & rapes that occur all because of the internet and its sick people that use it. This would solve some of the worlds problems and maybe make it a little safer to live in. This would be a great success if this is sent all over the world for teenagers and even other people every to use and gain knowledge from.

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