Friday, June 18, 2010

The main idea in this article is how technology is changing everyday.I think that this is a good article. I believe that students will find a way to cheat regardless. They cant have surveillance on college students while they are taking their exams or test. That will invade there personal space and could cause problems after a while.

This new surveillance system will start problems for the government and the people that is taking their exams. Having to be scanned for fingerprints and audio recording. That would feel like prison in your own home. That would make the college student that is taking the test feel uncomfortable. The college student would have to either sue or send a letter to the government telling them how uncomfortable that makes him/her feel.

Lastly, the government has no right to actually have this done. This will cause a lot of problems for our society in so many ways. Parents would start complaining and sending letters to the government. The government would have to do a survey on who wants this to happen and who doesn't want this to happen.I personally don't want this to happen at all.

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